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Contacting MTCC 1170 and Condominium Links
MTCC 1170's Governing Documents
Following Owners' suggestions, and the Board's consensus in principle, MTCC 1170 is
now providing online access to its Declaration, By-Laws, Rules, and Residents'
. After clicking on the aforesaid "Declaration" and/or "By-Laws" links, readers
will see that all pages have watermarks explaining each document's limitations, and
restricting each document's use. The Board hopes that Owners will find online access
useful for the sole stated purpose; namely, individual Owners' research.

Contacting MTCC 1170
Please ignore the "contact" information on MTCC 1170's main site -- especially the
e-mail addresses. Instead, please use the information below.

Also, please check this auxiliary site occasionally. The Board is currently reviewing
MTCC 1170's choice of e-mail provider.

Telephone Numbers
Management Office: 416.861.8320
Front Lobby: 416.368.3306
Facsimile: 416.861.8341

E-Mail Address

MTCC 1170's Property Management Company
For information about MTCC 1170's Property Managers, viewers should click on
PropertyWright Management.

Municipal, Provincial, and Organisational Links for Condominiums
MTCC 1170's residents have a unique advantage when bad weather causes walking
and/or driving to be difficult. Toronto's world-famous "PATH" system is as close as the
stairs to the King Street Subway Station. For further details, residents can use the
following link.

Easy Access to Toronto's "PATH" system.

Residents might also be interested in the official planning documents that
describe and/or attempt to prescribe the framework for development in this
historic neighbourhood.

Toronto's Planning Guidelines for the St Lawrence Neighbourhood
Equally importantly, residents will surely wish to be familiar with Toronto's governing
and/or regulatory documents. To that purpose, this page is a referral-point for
Toronto's Municipal Code, and to its periodic amendments.

As for the Province's control over all condominiums, the following links provide access
to legislation and regulations affecting Ontario's condominiums.

Condominium Act
Condominium Act: Ontario Regulation 48/01
Condominium Act: Ontario Regulation 49/01

The following links provide access to organisations that can provide educational and/or
advocacy services to condominiums' owners and/or occupants.

Canadian Condominium Institute: Toronto and Area Chapter
Canadian Condominium Institute: Golden Horseshoe Chapter
St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

Complaints about Nuisance Issues and Potential Advocacy Organisations
Filming in King, Victoria, Colborne, and Yonge Streets
Residents have inquired about (a) processes by which the City of Toronto grants
film-permits, and (b) guidelines that the City imposes on filming.

As for the City of Toronto's filming guidelines, residents may view them by clicking on
the following link: Toronto Film Permit Guide

Residents have also expressed curiosity about the Toronto Police Service's role in
providing security and/or facilitation for film shoots. MTCC 1170 has a copy of the Paid
Duty Officer Guide to Location Filming in Toronto
. Residents can read the Guide by
clicking on the link. Familiarity with the Guide will surely assist residents in responding
to various situations that can arise during filming.

Further information is also available via the following links:
Ward 13 Councillor's Office and News, and Toronto Film Office

MTCC 1170 hopes that everyone will become familiar with these links and/or sites.
They are a starting point when residents wish to express opinions about filming in their
neighbourhood, and/or about any political decisions affecting their interests.

Parking in Colborne Street
For some time, residents have expressed concerns about traffic in Colborne Street.
MTCC 1170 now has a zoom surveillance camera dedicated to Colborne Street. Images
from that camera are visible at the Security Desk (with storage to a hard drive). Stored
images will surely assist MTCC 1170 with its complaints to the City's Parking
Enforcement authorities.

Ramp-Obstructions and/or Loading-Dock Issues
If residents experience obstruction of the ramps to the parking garages, they should
call Frank Yowfoo, the City's Parking Enforcement Supervisor, at 416-808-6612.

Potential Advocacy: Condo Owners' Associations