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Fire Extinguisher Recall
Health Canada and the US Product Safety Commission have issued recall notices for fire
extinguishers sold in Canada and the USA. Management is currently taking steps to verify
that none of MTCC 1170's fire extinguishers are part of the recall. Management also
wishes to offer an opportunity for residents to check any fire extinguishers that they
might have in their suites and/or motor vehicles. The foregoing links will facilitate
residents' investigations. (Added on 07 November 2017)

Dishwasher Recall: Potential Fire-Hazard
Did you purchase/install a new dishwasher anytime after August 2012? If so, you need to
visit the Health Canada site to see if your appliance is part of a recall campaign to identify
dishwashers whose wiring could be a fire-hazard. The Health Canada link provides the
model-number prefixes of affected models, as well as links to individual manufacturers'
sites. (Added on 23 October 2017)

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